Trash The Dress – Just One

Today was an amazing day! A little over a week ago I got a call from a bride interested in a “Trash The Dress” shoot. I said sure, but I believe it is my responsibility to be honest, so I told her that I haven’t done one yet. After I got off the phone with her I decided I had to do one. So I did… but I didn’t do it alone.

I told my good friend Abbie Rudolph from Abbie Takes Pictures about the idea and she was all over it. What a collaboration! We set out and found the following awesome people to help us out:

  • Paul Gibson from Centro Models helped us find Ted and Shannon Quinn (a real life couple) to be our bride and groom (they did an AMAZING job).
  • Tracey Winett from Embrassez Moi in Kirkwood all but donated the dress (that fit Shannon like a glove!).
  • The tuxedo that Ted looks so good in was donated by Savvi Formalwear.
  • Kelly Gurotich from Crimson Petal made us an amazing bouquet!
  • Mike Edmondson, a friend of Abbie’s, not only let us use his vintage Ford pickup truck but he helped out with our “special effects” too.
  • Jayme Datillo is responsible for the stunning hair and make up on Shannon.

And of course we couldn’t have done it without Tyler “Midge” Burrus, Abbie’s trusted assistant.

I’ll provide more information on all people who worked on this totally fun and creative project in the full blog post in the next week or so… in the mean time I wanted to get up just one picture for everyone involved. Enjoy!

Benjamin Trevor Photography

You didn’t think I was going to show you one of the shots with the dress trashed yet did you? And give it all away? Ha! You’ll have to wait!