I hadn’t been on a river in years… decades probably. My friend Casey had been encouraging me to join her on a river float with some of her friends.

She borrowed old Pungo 120 called “Yellow Fever” from a friend for me to use and we did the “Palisades Run” on the Meramec River. It’s a popular run since it’s so close to St. Louis, the water is a good temperature, and there are plenty of beaches to stop at. The water is pretty murky this far down on the Meramec but it’s not too bad.

One warning about this route… there is a shooting range of sorts near the river where we stopped for lunch. Someone was shooting at a metal target or something that was ricocheting the bullets over the river. We could hear them wizzing by over head.

I’ve marked the “shooting range spot” on the map below. I don’t recommend stopping in that area.


Float Details
Pacific Palisades
Allenton Access
6.1 Miles/13 Min (30 RT)
River Distance
6.9 mi (Map)
Meramec at Pacific
0.5 ft @ 2000 ft3/2
Start/Stop Time
~12 PM – ~6 PM
Stopped a lot.
Ben, Casey, Val, Drew, Billy, Etc..