The state of Missouri has hundreds of miles of floatable rivers and is home to the first national park to protect a river system, Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

This page is a collection of resources for floating this rivers including Put-In/Take-Out locations, campsites, and outfitters.

Courtois – Huzzah – Meramec Rivers

This Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec rivers are all located in central to east-central Missouri. The Courtois flows into the Huzzah which flows into the Meramec which eventually flows into the Mississippi. Many floats start and end on the Meramec but most floats that start on the Courtois or Huzzah end on the Meramec.


Meramec River
Woodson K. WoodsMDC (Free)
Scotts Ford – Public (Free)
Onondaga CaveState Park (Free)
Pacific PalisadesMDC (Free)
Allenton AccessMDC (Free)
*River can be fast moving here. Use caution when taking out here.

Courtois Creek
Courtois Creek Access – (Huzzah Conservation)
MDC (Free)a