Black River

This was my first time on the Black River since I was a kid.

Great stretch of river. Cool and very clear water, perfect for relaxing in on a hot summer day. Not very crowded considering it was the end of Fourth of July weekend. Just too short (just over 4 miles).

We used Twin Rivers Landing for access and shuttle. It was only $25 per person and boat but to unload gear near busses and then load into a school bus for a very short shuttle to the camp beach. Probably could have unloaded directly to the beach and the parked back near buses.

Takeout at Lesterville Access (MDC) was tricky. The river has changed over the years so the parking lot is a good distance from the river. Outfitter met us at the river, loaded our boats onto a trailer, then shuttled us to the parking lot in the back of a pickup truck. Then we waited for the school bus to shuttle us back.

On this day, the outfitter only shuttled back to the campground between 3:00 and 4:30 PM. We landed at 3:00 PM but it was almost 90 minutes until we boarded the bus to be shuttled back. It seemed like the outfitter only wanted to do one shuttle for the day. Our boats made it back before we did but depending on the day they may shuttle boats at the very end.

I’m wondering if this outfitter would let us put-in and park at Twin Rivers but then take out at Highway K Campground and self shuttle back.

Float Details
Twin Rivers Landing
Lesterville Access (MDC)
2 Miles/10 Min
River Distance
4.2 mi (GPS)
Black River (East Fork)
3.98 ft @ 30.8 ft3/s
Black River near Annapolis
4.05 ft @ 548 ft3/s
Start/Stop Time
11:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Fast River, Clear Water, Short
Ben, Casey, Shanda, Mandy, Bix