My second float ever was a “Flood Float.”

Water was very high. Warned by stranger at launch it was dangerous. He literally said, “I’ll pray for you.” The river was high, muddy, and fast but it was manageable.

John, who was in a small 8ft white water kayak, did capsize at one point. We just helped him to the nearest beach.

The low water bridge at Scott’s Ford was still drivable but it was too high to float under.

Not many people on the water at all.

Float Details
Woodson K. Woods
Scotts Ford
4.8 Miles/11 Min (25 RT)
River Distance
8.9 mi (Map) – 9.67 mi (GPS)
Meramec at Cook Station
3.5 ft @ 200 ft3/s
Meramec near Steelville
3.5 ft @ 1500 ft3/s
Start/Stop Time
Flood Float.
Ben, Casey, Billy, John