This was a MUCH better experience on this stretch of river than the first time (the flood float).

One nice part about this run is you can stop at Meramec Spring Park and hike up to the spring. It’s a privately owned park operated by the The James Foundation. There is an entrance fee for cars but nothing for kayaks. πŸ™‚

Water was really low first two miles until the confluence with Meramec Spring. We dragged a bit. Had to get out and walk once or twice.

Water was clear and cool. Very cold after spring. Started getting warmer and murky towards the end. Very few other people. River was slow in places, not particularly scenic. A few dicey rapids but not too bad.

Float Details
Woodson K. Woods
Scotts Ford
4.8 Miles/11 Min (25 RT)
River Distance
8.9 mi (Map) – 9.67 mi (GPS)
Meramec at Cook Station
1.5 ft @ 25 ft3/s
Meramec near Steelville
1.45 ft @ 240 ft3/s
Start/Stop Time
9:53 AM – 4:37 PM (6:44)
Ben, Casey, Steve, Kurtis