Huzzah on a Raft

This was Casey’s kid’s first time on a river so we opted to rent a small raft from Huzzah Valley Resort. Pretty expensive though. $144 for two adults and two kids on a small raft.

Put in at Huzzah Valley and take out at Scotia (just upstream from the MDC Huzzah Access.

The outfitter and river were PACKED. I’ve never been on a river that crowded. It was really like bumper boats.

Lesson: Don’t float the Huzzah on a hot Saturday in June or get there as soon as they open. We arrived at 10 AM, took about 30 minutes just to get checked in. I think 10 AM was the peak arrival time.

Float Details
Huzzah Valley Resort
Huzzah Access/Scotia – MDC
9.6 Miles/15 Min (30 RT)
River Distance
5.06 Miles (GPS) Started Late.
Huzzah Near Steelville
2.8 ft @ 75 ft3/s
Meramec near Steelville
2.42 ft @ 185 ft3/s
Start/Stop Time
~11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (5:00)
Raft, Super Crowded
Ben, Casey, and Two Shorties