Ashley’s Bridal Shower – Just One

This photo isn’t exactly from the bridal shower…

Ashley hired me to shoot her bridal shower at Pheasant Run in O’Fallon. It was a great afternoon filled with tons of smiles and laughter (my kind of people). After the shower was over we headed over to a restaurant where we met up with “the boys” including her fiancé Dan. Dan is a great guy and it’s clear Ashley can’t wait until their wedding in September. The tough part about Dan is, he does NOT like having his picture taken. When he finally agreed to step outside for a few minutes, I will admit I was a little nervous.

I know Ashley is excited to see her pictures from the shower and I planned on posting a “Just One” photo from it, but I think she’ll appreciate this one instead. Look for the rest of the sneak peek later this week.

Benjamin Trevor Photography

Oh, when photographing a man who does not like having his picture taken… let him keep his beer!