Trash The Dress

trash the dress - benjamin trevor photography

Destroying your wedding dress is not for everyone… but for some, it’s a great way to use the dress again and get some stellar photos in the process. I had never shot a “Trash The Dress” session but I wanted to… so I did.

I asked myself what would look really good (or bad depending on how you look at it) on a wedding dress? The first thing that popped to mind was… motor oil.

The idea quickly grew into the story you’re about to see (either in the video slide show or just the image gallery itself). I enlisted the help of fellow photographer Abbie Rudolph of Abbie Takes Pictures and together we produced what ended up being quite a production. We worked together on the project but the images you’ll see on my websites are mine only. Abbie is a busy woman, she’s still working on hers. 😉

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Shoot The Dress - Benjamin Trevor Photography

thanks to everyone involved

Benjamin Trevor – The Producer/Photographer
Abbie Rudolph – The Co-Producer/Photographer

Ted and Shannon Quinn – The Happy Couple
Savvi Formalwear – The Tux
Embrassei Moi – The Dress
Kelly Jurotich at The Crimson Petal – The Bouquet
Jayme Datillo – The Hair and Make Up
Tyler Burrus – The Assistant
Lee Robinson and Kate Casey – The Location
Mike Edmondson – The Truck
Paul Gibson at Centro Models – The Casting