angie + corey { wedding preview }

A couple of weeks ago I got an interesting phone call. The woman on the other end of the line was excited. It sounded like she was in a car. Turns out she was. Her name was Tabitha and her best friend Angie and her fiancee Corey had decided to get married… the next day.

Angie and Corey have been together for several years. They’ve been planning to get married but with the way life goes sometimes, they just hadn’t gotten around to it. Instead of putting it off any longer they just decided to just do it. They jumped in the car with their closest friends and headed to St. Louis where they first met. They didn’t have a pastor, location, or photographer… but they were going to get married.

Corey had seen my wedding photography online and asked Tabitha to give me a call as they zoomed down interstate 55. Fortunately I wasn’t booked and I was able to reschedule the plans I had. They found a location and a minister (and with a stop to get dresses, suits, and shoes) they got married at about 48 hours after they stared planning the wedding.

I love this little guy.

To recap, the drove down from Wisconsin on Friday (when they called me), got married about 5:00 PM on Saturday, and drove back to Wisconsin that night. Talk about whirlwind!