Having planed to do this hike after hearing about the “Jump Off” on several youtube channels, I was excited that my ankle felt a lot better. I got up before dawn and made my way up to Cumberland Gap.

The Jump Off via Appalachian Trail

I can’t stress enough how much better it is if you get to the trailhead EARLY. You get to enjoy rockstar parking beautiful light.

This was more challenging that other trails I had done so far. I was a little concerned about my ankle. It hurts most when going downhill and since this trail goes up all the way to turnaround point, I was a little worried about not being able to get back down.

Fortunately my ankle did fine and the trekking poles made it possible.

The Jump Off has a really beautiful view but it isn’t as “unknown” as the youtube videos suggest. I was lucky enough to have the view to myself for about five minutes.

After the Jump Off I decided to check out the Ice Water Spring Shelter just to see what they look like.

I finished the day with dinner at Crystelle Creek Restaurant. If you’re looking for a nice place away from the tourists, this is it.

Hike Details
Start/End (Out-N-Back)
Newfound Gap
Curated Map
Recorded Route
Trail Length. (Out-N-Back)
6.5 mi (Map) | 7.22 mi (GPS)
Elevation Gain
1496 ft (Map) | 1647 ft (GPS)
Start/Stop Time
6:10 AM – 12:00 PM
Total/Move/Ave Pace
5:45 / 4:18 / 35.46